Hello! This is my other website! I have one over here, which I might steal the URL from if I start really updating this.

I stream sporatically on twitch, and upload speedruns and miscellaneous videos to youtube.

You can also find me on cohost, tumblr, where I'm usually just reblogging.

I call myself a mountain hare therian, which is kind of tricky to explain. Regular human interaction and society usually treats me strangely or excludes me for one reason or another, so I don't really have a choice but to interpret myself as other in some way. Seeing myself as a hare helps keep that feeling of alienation in control and make it into something I can deal with. Also, I'm not really sure how accurate "therian" as a term is for what I mean, I'm just trying to describe something that has grown with me for 13 years. You, as someone who is not me, don't really need to know about this for any reason, I just feel like putting it out there.

Also, if I really need to put it in these terms, I know I'm a human. I just don't feel like I get treated like one, and I don't feel like one in turn.

And I do experience shifts. They are mostly annoying to me.

I'm also a trans woman. I'm interested in music, computers, music and computers at the same time, web comics, and video games. Specifically Tetris (The Grand Master), Yume Nikki, Yume Nikki fangames, and KEYBOARDMANIA currently.

Thank you for visiting!

Page last updated 12/02/2022